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About us

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Marcarino Furnishings began in 1931 as a carpentry business producing windows and doors as well as custom-made, modern and stylish furniture.

Since the 1960s we have combined artisanal manufacturing with the distribution of contemporary furniture produced by innovative companies, paying great attention to the evolution of taste and style. We research and exhibit design classics alongside a series of functional furnishings and handcrafted productions, interpreting the style of our clients in a unique and original way through the spaces they inhabit.

The world of furniture does not exist in idealistic solitude, rather it is immersed in the daily reality of people, their values, concrete and contingent problems to which quick solutions and effective responses are needed.

For this reason, our current work involves primarily providing private clients and architects with personalized turn-key services and assistance. Starting from the selection of the products all the way through to design and installation, we collaborate with qualified personnel and consolidated relationships with companies and craftsmen. We respond with passion and professionalism to the new needs of  living.